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Khalid Saifullah


Talks & Workshops

Awards & Community Contributions

  • Secured 1st position at Huggingface JAX/FLAX Community Event with the group project DALL·E mini.

  • Received Global Teaching Fellowship by Delta Analytics for 2021 session.

  • University Merit Scholarship for academic excellence in all trimesters, UIU.

  • One of the contributors in the Bengali translation of Yann LeCun and Alfredo Canziani's Deep Learning course at NYU.

  • More than 50 questions answered in Stack Overflow community.


  • DALL·E mini: A JAX/FLAX implementation of OpenAI’s DALL·E but ~30 times smaller and trained on a much smaller dataset to meet resource constraints. (source code)

  • GPT-2 Bengali: First implementation of GPT-2 from scratch for Bengali. Trained with the Bengali portion of multilingual-c4 dataset. (source code)

  • Bengali Lyricist: A deep generative model that generates Bengali song lyrics. The model is finetuned on the song lyrics dataset from kaggle. (source code)

  • BERTify: A python module that helps with extracting BERT embeddings for large Benglai/English dataset. Specially optimized for users with limited computational access (e.g. free colab/kaggle GPUs) to tackle CUDA OOMs. (source code)

  • DietNeRF: First coding implementation of Putting NeRF on a Diet paper that requires much fewer image samples than original NeRF model to perform 3D reconstruction. (source code)

  • Misogynistic Meme classifier: As part of AllenNLP Hacks 2021, trained a multimodal model for misogynous meme identification using pretrained CLIP as feature extractor. (source code)

  • Path Finder: A web app that helps to visualize the typical graph searching algorithm such as Dijkstra, A*, etc. (source code)

  • 8-Puzzle Solver: The 8-puzzle game and also lets the user get it solved by the A.I (A* heuristics based), made as part of the AI course project. (source code)

  • BOOKy: A website for book lovers to lend and borrow books independently, made with Django as part of System Analysis and Design course project.

  • One Step: A website that helps user to create a cause and also gets people engage in them, made as part of Database Management System course project.

  • Prison Management System: A software from my OOP course, which was created with the motivation to digitize the prison system of Bangladesh. (It was my first project)

See more of my projects on Github


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