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Khalid Saifullah

Got featured in a journalist's blog post!

Personal Diary2 min read

Today this bizarre thing happened to me. An award-winning journalist and writer wrote about me in his blog! Totally weird right? I was amazed as well. So what is it about, did I do something special? actually not, It was totally about luck. So the thing is, there is this writer Sasha Chapin I didn't know about, who decided to write a post in his blog about 5 randomly chosen people from Twitter. So luckily I got chosen (I don't know which sampling method he used if you're asking), when I got the notification, I was like "oh I see, some sort of spam tweet, or maybe a Twitter bot mentioned me in a tweet" which is a pretty normal reaction for someone like me. But when I went to the link of the blog post and saw these beautiful lines after my name, I was blown away. (link to Sasha Chapin's post)

Sasha Chapin's post on me

To write this post, he went to the profiles of each person, spend some time, observed their posts, likings, etc., and then poured his hypothesis about them in his post.

For the context in the first few lines what he's talking about is this visual demo I created on GANs training. I don't know why, but I found this whole thing very bizarre, I kind of feel like someone wrote a biography of mine, you know, feels like you've shared your story with someone, so It's a great feeling. He wrote such sweet words and his observations were very on point. I feel like I do actually evolving at an exponential rate as I look at myself back in a year, It's a completely new me, which he referred to as "on the cusp of personal change / the period of becoming" (how elegantly put). The reason for this radical change (what I feel) is, earlier in my life, I didn't have any goal, aim, passion, or urge for anything. But then there was this huge change in me (my personality, thinking, views, etc.) after I got admitted to my undergraduate class where I got to study something that I've always loved. And at present, as I'm learning about this specific branch of this whole big world of CS which is deep learning, I'm very intrigued by it. It has created this interesting hole in me, for which, I'm always craving for knowledge, I'm always looking forward to learning new things. It has even made me go back to learn some topics on Math! which I've feared my whole life. See, I think "passion" (or "love") is a very powerful thing, It can make you do stuff which you've never thought you could do.

The reason I wrote this post in my blog about this other blog post where I was featured in (a mouthful) is that It gave me some perspective, reassurance, and also inspiration, so I wanted to make it memorable for myself!

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