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Khalid Saifullah


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I'm currently doing my Bachelor in Computer Science at United International University. Deep Learning is something I'm really passionate about, and what I study nowadays. The real pleasure I get is from explaining stuff, that's why this blog has been created, as I want to share the things that I know in an intuitive manner. This is also the reason why I became an instructor at UIU App Forum, where I get to conduct workshops, seminars, etc. to teach fellow students about certain topics. I'm also playing the role of Treasurer at IEEE UIU Student Brunch, where we as a branch organize various competitions, seminars and nation wide events for the students.

Apart from all of that, I also have an identity of being an admirer of photography, visualizations and cinema. I love to watch movies not just as a viewer but an observer as well, how each crew (cinematographer, editor, director and others) doing their job of producing magic, stuff like that. Sometimes I wonder If hadn't had the passion for CS then I may've become a film person, you know, pursue a career there :)

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